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hr professionals

Help your employers find ways to lower healthcare costs and increase employee retention.

business owners

Reduce health insurance premiums and get your employees better benefits.


Offer your clients up to 50% off their health insurance premiums with better benefits and year-round concierge service.


Free up cash for your clients by reducing their monthly health insurance premiums and help them start investing for retirement faster.


Research shows that if a client has 3 or more policies with an agent they are less likely to cancel their policies, so offer the health insurance they're asking for!


We are a group of like-minded consumers, who are rallying around a cutting-edge healthcare plan to help the
people we care about receive fair medical coverage and protect them from the predatory healthcare system.

“We have joined together in an alliance to question the status quo, to leverage our consumer spending power, and to promote an innovative health indemnity plan that addresses the predatory healthcare system.”

- Mark Geiger, Founding Partner of Revolt Healthcare Alliance

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All of our allies join for their own specific reasons:

HR Professionals join because they are trying to help their employers find ways to lower healthcare coast and increase employee retention.

"My organization first partnered with Revolt Healthcare Alliance to be able to offer their services to our clients, but after learning more, we chose to offer their product internally to our employees. Revolt has been able to dramatically lower the cost of our healthcare program and has provided top-notch customer service. We highly recommend Revolt Healthcare to all our clients, not just for the cost savings, but also for their superior customer service. They have gone above and beyond our expectations!"

- Dana Kelly, Vice President of Operations,
Barnes Employment Group

Health Insurance Agents join because they are tired of selling over-priced, outdated insurance plans that consumers can’t use because of high deductibles. They understand that the health indemnity plan is actually the best value and best coverage for 80% of the population

"I became an agent with Revolt Healthcare Alliance because the plan they have to offer is rich with benefits and very affordable. After becoming an agent with this company I switched my family over to this insurance and it in not comparable to the competitors! I have seen first hand how the policy pays out and I am so pleased with it! I want to share it and offer it to everyone I know. My clients love this plan and thank me all the time instead of complaining when something is not covered!"

- Lindsey Litton, Former US Health Advisors Agent

Property & Casualty Agents join because their clients are always asking about health insurance; and research shows that if a client has 4+ policies with an agent, they are less likely to cancel their policies.

"I have been able to help my clients get an incredible healthcare plan just by becoming an ally with Revolt Healthcare Alliance. My clients are thrilled with their new coverage and the lower cost it comes with."

-Carl Tirador, Goosehead Insurance Agency Owner

Business Owners join because they are trying to reduce their health insurance premiums and get their employees better benefits

"Working with Revolt Healthcare Alliance has been a huge benefit to our company. We only have a few employees and couldn't afford to offer one of the 'typical' medical insurance plans. Revolt provided a less expensive solution and a better product! Now offering this product we are able to recruit higher quality employees because we offer this as a benefit. Thank you!"

- Jason Mallett, Owner JPON Glass, Dallas, TX

Financial Planners join because health insurance premiums are the second largest household expense and they know if they can free up money for their clients they can start saving and investing for retirement faster.

"A good financial advisor handles not just the investments of a client, but all aspects of their financial life — and health-care costs are a large and growing piece of that. I love knowing that my clients healthcare needs are being met in a way that allows them to also meet their financial goals."

- Brandon Lackey, WealthWave Financial Advisor


The Health Indemnity plan establishes a legal agreement that the patient must be paid the entire amount when using a benefit. That “entire amount” to be paid is always a pre-determined and fixed amount so you always know before you go.

For example, one benefit listed in the health indemnity plan might be for an overnight hospital stay. In our most popular plan, the benefit for that overnight hospital stay is $3,000 per night. With the national average for an overnight stay being $2,424, this means the insurance company would pay the $2,424 direct to the hospital…and then mail the extra benefit of $576 to you!

Does this mean that you can actually make money with your health indemnity plan? Yes!